Reviews and Testimonials:

 “Fi is a nurturing and informative art facilitator.  She inspires me to push through my creative challenges and believe me there have been a few since first picking up a paint brush over a year ago in Art Gym.  The classes are both relaxing and stimulating at the same time (if that is possible:).  I thoroughly recommend doing it” Mandy L.

"I have been a regular art gym member for over a year now & continue to enjoy & be stimulated in my art journey, which I do purely for the joy it brings me.
I like how it is open to anyone to come along & explore their own individual creativity, a safe place where there is no judgement or discomfort.
 The group is made up of friendly like minded people guided by Fi the art teacher, who is always encouraging, knowledgable & responsive to everyone's differing levels of experience / expertise . I feel blessed that we have this available to us in our beautiful part of the world" Sally L.

"Fi’s Art Gym sessions are an inspiration and something I look forward to every week. I’ve only been attending for less than a year, but have learned so much and helped over the stumbling block of getting started. Fi’s messages about creating art for yourself, being prepared to make mistakes & not to worry about what others think, has made me relax and really enjoy the whole process. Not only does Fi give expert tuition over a wide range of creative art techniques, but she and the group of fellow students are a delight to chat and exchange ideas with. I am  a total addict to Toot Studio sessions!" Sue M.