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  • Image of Lino Printing Workshop 101
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All art materials included. You should be able complete several prints on various papers with one Lino ‘ sampler’ design that you’ll create and cut.

Saturday afternoon March 30 . 12.30-330
Small group, 8 places
Wine and cheese at the end of the day

Add to your skill set:

If you would like to learn about developing your design skills and how to use accidental drawing and handy simplification techniques to develop quirky design ideas, please ADD this MORNING WORKSHOP to your selection in the scroll bar below
Most beginners find drawing intimidating. This session is about discovering ways to get around this and build confidence in ourselves, so that we can develop our ideas and our work. Dont be turned off this session because you think you can’t draw, if that’s you you’ll really benefit from this session- quirky kinds of drawings are - for this activity, the best kind of drawing.

*This morning session is ONLY FOR THOSE attending the afternoon session , but is a suitable beginner session for use with all our Saturday afternoon workshops ( lino printing, water colour illustration, collage, acrylic painting )

Afternoon Lino cutting and printing:

You’ll learn about the equipment, tools, paints and paper- and the important do’s and dont’s as you explore the different techniques and create your own printing sampler design.

This is a straightforward exercise to gain important understanding about the techniques required to produce a good printing result.

Fi will help you with the simple design work, if you need it - ( the benefits of a small class size) and no, you don’t need to have a ‘creative bone in your body ‘ to enjoy or succeed at this project.

Fantastic Art class starter for all levels of experience. We use easy carve rubber and Lino so no aching hands!
Depending on your individual speed you may have time to create a variety of prints in different papers, and there is an option to pre order a
Cutting and printing set to continue on with.


You can go onto create your own art images, personalised cards or wrapping papers, or unique papers to incorporate into your work in mixed media, collage or on canvas.

TERMS & conditions:

We are sure you’ll appreciate that the logistics and materials set up for this class require that;
We need a min of 3 people to run this class.
$50 cancellation admin fee
Sorry No refunds with less than 7 days notice.
If class does not reach 4 students a full refund will be made and cancellation confirmed 3 days prior to class date.


“So great, such a calming thing to do, you can feel your mind and pulse rate slow! Bought my own set of materials and now I’m off to do more , Fi is a great teacher and natural enthusiast - hard to not have a great time and feel inspired” - Michelle

“My friend and I did this together - both very much ‘non’ artist types but we had a great time and will now teach our teenage daughters how to do this too!” Trudy

“Fi has a great studio space with a lovely welcoming and relaxing vibe - she is fun to be around and has lots of info to share - just the right amount of guidance and support” Alison