• Image of Creative Art and Travel Journals
  • Image of Creative Art and Travel Journals
  • Image of Creative Art and Travel Journals
  • Image of Creative Art and Travel Journals

Make the most of your day, your travels and your ideas with this workshop designed to help you look and respond differently to the world around you.
This workshop transforms how you think about the use of a sketchbook to capture and develop ideas and plan your creative goals.

Equally suited to 9 or 90 year olds.
No experience or creative background required.
Designed around those who claim to be 'non creative' and those looking for some creative nuturing.

Half day 12.30-4.30
** make a weekend if it by joining the Beginners Painting Workshop on Sunday 18th August
Use the DISCOUNTFORME code for a 10% discount when booking two workshops together

Travel Art Kit to the value of $45 ( include sketchbook, paint, drawing tools, travel brush)
Communal art materials to use on the day
Notes and instructional guide.
Small group max 10
Tea and coffee wine and cheese at the end of the day


Discounts available when booking this and another workshop (10% discount code: DISCOUNTFORME to use in check out)
BOOKFOR2 ( $420 with a discount of $40 ) when you book for you and a friend =$380.00

We will look at a variety of optional formats to use with this process.
Art Journalling, Travel Journals, Expanding Compositions, Purposely Messy Journals.

We learn to record, respond, experiment, curate and remember what we have felt, seen, experienced in a completely unique and powerful way.

Whether you are a traveller with a desire to be more mindful as you go, or just need a regular tool to help to clarify your ideas or sort your jumbled thoughts.

Fi's process has been designed around 2 common and problematic questions that her students had often been grappling with:
Where to start?
( I have lots of ideas and I am overwhelmed )
I dont know what to do!
(I have no ideas and just feel lost)

Over several years of working with raw beginners and lapsed artists, she found there was a need for a reliable and easy to follow framework to take the worry and the confusion out of how we get started working on our own ideas and how do we discover what our purpose is.

Creativity is not the same as crafting.
When we create we engage with our own unique ideas, in our own unique way.
There is no map to getting where we are going - this is what we create for ourselves as we go. To do this we need to experiment and question ourselves and work out how our skills fit in with our ideas. By developing this 5 Step process Fi has seen her students quickly focus on their ideas and confidently go forward.

Its all in the Process:
Lots of art teachers recommend the use of Journals or Visual Diaries to their students - and lots of students ignore this, frustrated by feeling that they are ruining a beautiful book. We get around this and discover how to make your journal/VD/art book central to developing your work. They bare witness to ideas and thoughts and feelings and become powerful and treasured documents that are vital to directing other work.

Mental health experts are continually recommending we all take up more mindful activities for relaxation, retreat and re-energising... this, is additional and some would say the most powerful bi-product to the process - and it comes from just 'doing it'. Allowing yourself time and giving yourself permission to play.

Need to Bring:
bush walking shoes
Rain coat / sun hat / fly protection / sunscreen

Cancellation policy.
We need a min of 4 people to run this workshop
Cancellations made less than 14 days prior to the workshop date are non-refundable.
*Due to the logistics of extra expenses and commitments - cancellation prior to this date attract a 50% admin fee. You may transfer your booking to another participant.
In the event that the event must be cancelled by the organiser - a full refund will be made to you
If we have waitlisted participants and can resell your place for you - a $50 admin fee will apply to your refund.