Just beginning your art journey?
Do you know something or nothing?
Do you have gaps, corridors - valleys in your knowledge and understanding about what to do and how or why you would do it?

Doesn't matter.

Our new Beginners HeART Starter is all about foundations, clarity and confidence.

After working with lots of UPA's -(untapped potential artists) we have seen that a lack of basic knowledge can really hold us back. Also we see that most busy people want a quick and intense fix .
So... We will focus on skilling you up with the essential principals - to ensure you can go forward and explore with freedom, fun and independence.

We keep it simple and focus on covering what you really need to know.

If you are someone who has been dabbling for years then you will no doubt find these demonstrations and exercises - unique and refreshing.
Over 4 weeks we cover:
How to clearly tap into your ideas, inspiration and focus on making Art that is like you.
Design, Colour, Value and Attitude.
How to create good/ powerful compositions
How to mix and match great colours
How to control value and control how your painting is seen.

We aim to create learning environments that draw like minded participants together in a positive and dynamic way. We are passionate about helping people to active more creative action in their lives.
Importantly you will gain a great foundation of understanding about what making art, is really all about.

See term dates and content below.

Art Gym runs as a 4 week block.

Small group learning for a max 10 people in a class.
10 - 12am Friday mornings.
We are taking expressions of interest from those who can not make these dates.

* Please note this is a new description for Art Gym.
We have recently upgraded the course to make it more a structured and comprehensive package. Please note there is a medium/heavy amount of content with an emphasis on the core principals of colour, composition, value.
We balance this with a discussion about attitude, ideas and unlocking and freeing up how we approach making art.
Inclass exercises can be re practiced at home and developed at the students own pace between the classes. Not everyone takes in information at the same pace - so work sheets are provided to help support your learning.

Students will need a basic art kit including sketch book, visual diary, basic acrylic colours(list provided), paper, to bring with them.
You may purchase a starter kit including all you need and more to last you down the the long winding track via the studio for approx $120.