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5 weeks of essentials to get you started with confidence.
Yummy morning tea provided for each session

We cover the basics -
What different materials do
How to use them
What you really need to put in your tool box as a beginner.

We then give you the important information you need to work with good composition, colour, texture and topic.

Understanding these principals helps us make our best work, free up our creative thinking and helps us to self correct when we get lost or stuck.

Choose to BYO art materials or we can supply everything for you.
This series is designed for a raw beginners, those with some limited understanding and patchy background knowledge, those who haven't picked up a brush for years or those who simply want to meet other like minded members of their community and form new connections.

Completing this will give you all the info you need to join our regular Art Gym: Art Flex group - where we go onto explore more, make more connections and Act, Belong and Commit to our own creativity and community.

Our five sessions will cover the following:

1 Free Introduction /Complimentary Session -
Introduction to materials how to care for them and how to use them.
including discussion of visual diary use, drawing: the act and the materials, different kinds of papers, paints, brushes, canvas, inks.
What you need in your art tool kit.
We will talk about what needs to happen in your work space and how to structure our sometimes hectic lives around getting some creative time, quickly and in a meaningful way.

2 - The Bones (Understanding the practical and basic principals of composition and how they work within a good composition. We focus on how to make your work interesting to look at and well balanced. How to attract the eye - how to control where the eye moves).

3 Colour (Understanding how to use, create and manipulate colour to work with your design. We explore mixing colours and the way we use our palette to develop a harmonious or contrasting set of colours, understanding saturation, warmth, and thinking about how to build your own lexicon of colours to use for continuity in a body of work)

4 Surface ( Making an interesting and dynamic surface, experimenting and using your materials, tools, mediums and developing textures, we explore an extensive range of materials and how you can control them to enhance your surface.

5 Finding your Art making WHY ( Understanding the role self expression has in your life - We discover what you as an individual instinctively 'create' and how your thinking intimately affects how your work will look.)

4 Friday morning Sessions /7 Sept, 21 Sept, 28th and the 5th, 12th October.
2.5 hours long.
$220 (past student rate) for the 4 week course
$260 for new students
*plus art materials $40 or option to byo

max 8 participants
min of 4 participants required to activate this class.

*Please note commitment from participants is required. Missed classes can not be refunded or made up/exchanged etc.