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  • Image of Art Gym: Art Flex Fridays SUMMER
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  • Image of Art Gym: Art Flex Fridays SUMMER

Friday Art Gym session continues to evolve for those who have started their own body of work during term 3.

Term 4 begins Friday 12 October - Friday November 30th

We are continuing to work towards a small private exhibition at the end of the year to invite our significant others to ... for one night only.
Who knows if we will get there? but its good to have a goal to drive us forward.
We will revisit this idea as we go...so don't stress...just play!

All Day Open Studio from 10am for those who would like to do a full day and give more time to their practice.
I realise that for many of us - its dedicating the allotted time that is one of the most valuable parts of our commitment to Art Gym Art Flex - it brings us to a place of action. By opening the studio for the full day I hope that some of you will raise the bar on yourselves to find this extra time out from the rest of your thinking time.

This morning session will be for your independent work (I can't guarantee that I will always be available in the mornings - but the studio will be) Perhaps if we have interest we will be able to arrange a plein air outing or a photography session or two.

*As we did last term - please contribute 2 bottles of vino for after class drinks to the wine kitty and commit to providing one week of nibbles for all to share.

I have left the price at a ten week rate in the hope that we can cover the exhibition costs - mostly my time in curating and hanging, labelling etc - and the extra time being made available for studio use.

Please byo lunch to enjoy.

Studio Class session starts as usual for touching base, question time and evaluation of where you are going @12.30 - 3.30.

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