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  • Image of Art Gym:  Term 2
  • Image of Art Gym:  Term 2
  • Image of Art Gym:  Term 2
  • Image of Art Gym:  Term 2

Art Gym helps you create routine and variety around your burgeoning, established or brand new Art practice.
For those of us looking to mix things up, get social and enjoy a positive dynamic environment, you'll be very at home here! Work at your own pace, develop your own style, our group gives positive and helpful feedback and we learn from each other as we go.

See term dates and content below.

Each term we look at different materials, different techniques and different genres.
We tend to work around a theme, but each student has great individual choice about the work they develop.
Emphasis is placed on switching on each students individual kind of Creativity in a sensitive and personalised way. Aiming to develop and nurture their skill sets with play and experimentation rather than strict exercises. Having said that the basis of each class does refer back to the traditions underpinning the theory of art and design, so basic skills and concepts are explained and demonstrated, building the students fluency for understanding colour theory, composition, tone etc.

At the end of each term all students are invited to a social get together and show and tell. This is a great way to meet other members and get to see the work the other students have been producing.
Although we do aim to resolve our pieces to some form of 'completion' ( we know this is an important part of the working process), we also understand that this is not always possible for all students. Each student is always free to work a their own pace, making their work as simple or as complex as they like.

First Term COMMENCES in 2018
Thursday 8th Feb 1:00-3:00pm -
*please note we require a minimum number of students to offer our classes.
Your booking and payment in full will be refunded if this number is not met. Final bookings and confirmation or cancellation will be made on Friday the 2nd February, one week before term starts.


A basic list of art materials is provided at the start of term. (During the first class )
Each student my purchase what they need as they go. For those who would like to share the studio materials* please add your materials surcharge ($75 for the term) which covers use of basic studio materials for the term. ( *this does NOT include canvas or speciality papers, visual diary, acrylic mediums and artist quality acrylic paint is not included)


Some examples of the kinds of activities we may undertake during the year:
*please note some of our projects may last 1, 2 OR 3 weeks- others may be developed in a more complex way over the full term. As the emphasis is on developing skills and techniques rather than completing a painting, there is not an strict outline for the term. The class content sometimes shifts and responds to the needs of the individual students attending. All levels of experience are catered for.

FIELD TRIPS: During the warmer months we take a few Field Trips - around the region to beaches, Forests and historic spots that offer us inspiration. (with easy access for those with mobility issues).
We work with a step by step process, to help break down what we see and stimulate new ideas. We learn how to gather information, respond, express and resolve our thoughts and understand where our inspiration is coming from.

FINDING INSPIRATION: in the work of others- We choose a set theme and research how others have solved creative problems and come up with new ideas. We learn from imitating and making our own assessments about what we like and what we can improve on. In 2017 we studied Still lIfe and Landscape painting in this manner, in 2018 we will be looking at Portraiture (Human and Animal), starting with the work of others and building up to our own original ideas.

Creating a story of You. Something to give to a loved one or something to inspire yourself. We look at the Medium of book making or book repurposing, collage and lettering, Story telling in a literal or abstract way. Our process takes us on a trail of self discovery. Who are you, what do you want to say - what will you leave for others. Last Year we looked at ways of making books - this year we will focus on working around motivational quotes or stories, lettering and Illumination (decorate book pages). A beautiful gift.

What they say:

"As a newcomer to the world of art I was pretty nervous when I took the plunge and joined the folks at Art gym.
I am so glad I did.
Such a welcoming group of people!
Fi is a clever and knowledgeable facilitator. She's got me loving art gym and challenging myself at the same time!
I love being an art gymnast. " Toni H.

"Early in 2016 I signed up for Art Gym at Toot Studio. My New Year resolution was to pick up where I left off 20 years ago and resume my passion for ‘doing’ art and not just viewing art. Little did I know how much I would look forward to that time of the week, not just for upgrading my art skills and knowledge, but I also looked forward to meeting up with my fellow ’Gymmers’. The discussions which evolve around the art table are of world interest one minute sparking debate of many forms, and then off on a tangent we go, leading to belly laughs and tears whilst we create our masterpieces.
Thank you Fi. I’m looking forward to many more Fridays at Toot Studio.". Jan J.

"Art Gym has provided me with an invaluable physical and mental space to pursue my creativity. With Fi's expert tutoring, as well as like minded and enthusiastic company, there is no pressure to produce award winning work, just brilliant support to explore how I look at, and recreate, my subject/surroundings. Every week is different, challenging me to practice and add to my skills. No matter what level you consider your art abilities to be, I highly recommend these sessions. " Amy S.

"This last year was very challenging for me on many fronts, but the one thing I did do right and which gave me such pleasure, was joining your Art Gym!
Apart from helping me to try to flex my creative "muscle", it was so therapeutic to mix with a few women of varying ages and stages in life....I loved the conversations that grew and grew organically! Every part of each day at Toot Studio was a joy!". Margie E.

"Feeling self-conscious & nervous, I attended my first session of Fi's Art Gym with a vague sense of hope to have some "me time" but what I really noticed most was that I just couldn't wind down properly and forget about my work and family commitments. I felt that I had to do everything as quickly as possible & be efficient with my time.
Now, a year on, I can take the time to be mindful of the moment and forget about what's going on elsewhere in the world & my life. I can focus on creating art in a fun relaxed setting with a lovely group of supportive art lovers and feel I'm having time out - strictly for pleasure only.
As Fi says, it's all about the process, not the end results, though I have been very pleasantly surprised by some of my finished pieces.
Looking forward to a new year of Art Gym to continue practising the very relaxing therapy of art-chilling." Bettina P.

"mind opening .."

"...feeling very relaxed after a few hours of belly laughs in great company."

"this was the best thing I did all year...I use to fit it into my week - now i fit my week around it"

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